VRChat Medarot Academy
Originally posted on Pixiv

This is an exterior overhaul of the Academy Map found in the Japanese game Medarot 6, which was requested by a member of the fan community.
Unfortunately, it is incomplete as creating furniture for the interior proved too ambitious for a 1 month timespan.

Launch Map in VRChat
Generic Sci-Fi Scene
Griffith University 2672QCA Assignment

This is a sci-fi level that we had to model as a group. We followed the style of a dark alleyway, lit up by the occasional neon "something" amongst a gray monolithic architecture.

Contributors: Timothy Chew, Luke J. Thomas, Jamie Fox, Shania Ryan and Lorena Gonzalez

Minecraft 3D Renders
Fan Art

These are a bunch of 3D renders of various game and Minecraft characters whom I rendered to use as a wallpaper.

aytimothy's Character File (.blend)
Miscallenous Stuff
Originally posted to the Steam Community

These are just my other pieces that don't fit into any category.

Link 1 Link 2

Animation Sample

Just a 3-second animation of my VRChat avatar walking backwards into a chair bench.

Animated and rendered in Unity.

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